Pilot Toolkit: Measuring and Monitoring in FCV Environments

Countries impacted by fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV) include a large and increasing portion of the world’s poor. The international community is investing unprecedented financing to support FCV response, including through landmark commitments as part of International Development Association (IDA) 17. Despite mounting global attention and investment in countries affected by FCV, there is limited evidence on what works in peacebuilding and statebuilding programming. One reason for this is that monitoring and evaluation efforts in FCV environments are often challenging and poorly or inconsistently implemented due to access, security and capacity constraints.

The following Pilot Toolkit: Measuring and Monitoring in FCV Environments is designed to assist World Bank Group (WBG) teams—and by extension support dialogue with partners and clients—to measure progress in countries impacted by FCV. The Toolkit also provides a WBG audience with information on monitoring and indicators that have emerged from the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding—a joint initiative between donors and the g7+ leaders of fragile and conflict-affected countries. The Toolkit includes a series of modules that provide practical advice, examples, and resource links on the following topics, which can be read from start to finish or as stand-alone products.

The Toolkit also includes a searchable indicator database. The database has over 3,000 indicators across diverse thematic areas relevant to programming in FCV environments.  Together, the modules and the database provide users with concrete suggestions on how to establish a monitoring system and how to choose indicators to design, track progress, and evaluate projects and programs in an FCV context.

Please click the following red boxes to access the Toolkits modules. Click the grey/center box to access the Menu of Indicators.

The Toolkit was prepared based on extensive research, consultation, and review of monitoring systems and indicators being used across the World Bank Group and the international community.  It is intended as a resource that can inform WBG and broader national and international efforts to better measure progress and impact in FCV environments.  As a pilot Toolkit, the content of the modules and database will continue to evolve based on user feedback and further experience.

List of Modules:

Module 1: Why FCV Matters for Development
Module 2: Linking Analysis and Planning to Monitoring and Evaluation
Module 3: Selecting Indicators for Strategy, Programs and Projects
Module 4: Gathering and Analyzing Data
Module 5: Developing and Using Population Surveys
Module 6: Using New Methods and Technologies

**This pilot Toolkit was developed with the generous support of the Government of the Netherlands through the Bank-Netherlands Partnership Trust Fund, the State- and Peace-building Fund, and the Korea Trust Fund for Economic and Peacebuilding Transitions.